Quantum Boom! Theory
by James Cranwell

The thread unit itself would be just the grey threads (or strings) in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread (or string) length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough where 10 threads (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.
Quantum Boom! Theory - The Microcosmic Boom! - Dark Threads

"People are primed to believe in fantasy. That's why we have stuff like big bang theory. Everyone honestly believes everything in entire universe was initially schmooshed into something the size of a proton. You get started in your fantasies and delusions when you are young with stuff like Father Christmas and The Tooth Fairy. Then when you are in college and get an 'A' on the Big Bang test: you fool yourself into thinking it is true and correct" -- SM


● Big Bang: Everything in the entire universe was initially schmooshed into something the size of a proton ready to expand.
● Expansion: When the universe expands - nothing is actually moving - only space is stretching. More and more "space" is being magically created out of nothing.
● No Center: Even though they claim the universe is a certain size - they claim there is NO center - and everything everywhere is expanding equally away from everything else.
● Four: Everyone believes 1, 2, and 3.

You have to be a new kind of gullible to believe all of those things, correct?
Maybe not, it is all actually true - but for different reasons.


● The Micro Bang: Everything actually was schmooshed into something the size of a proton. But, it is NOT just one "singularity" the size of a proton - it is the uncountable number of neutrinos.
The fabric of space is created from expansion of neutrinos.
The neutrino "decay" (expansion) is just a simple shape change. Think popcorn popping.

● Expansion: A neutrino is a balled-up unit of space - like a quantum ball of spaghetti.
Whenever a neutrino decays (loses cohesion, loses shape), it "expands" - meaning it changes shape from a balled-up proton size to full length threads commandeering about the size of an atom.

● No Center: Correct. The universe is actually infinity, so, there is no center.
The neutrinos must be "expanding" at an high enough rate where there is a noticeable effect in the universe. It is hard to believe but they actually would be "expanding" (or thickening) space and nothing would be moving. More and more   "space" is actually being magically created but, it is from the expansion (decay) of neutrinos. Neutrinos "decay" into the fabric of space (it is only a shape change).

NOTE: "Space" becoming more thick and dense is a better explanation than expanding. Because other than random, nothing is actually moving. That is why Andromeda Galaxy is racing towards us. It is all just random movements and thickening space.


Space is NOT empty. There is an all encompassing lattice-type quantum thread network in otherwise empty space. The quantum threads are also what matter is made from.
The thread network is gravitationally-centered - Einstein called it Space-Time. Otherwise known as the Fabric of Space. (yes, the fabric of space must actually be made from something)
A good 2-D model would be something like a spiders web made of the finest web-silk-thread filament. Now imagine a 3-D web.
It is made from individual yet connected quantum threads and of course the web has tension on it (that's where gravity gets its pull).
The speed vibrations travel through the web is the speed of light (light is a just a vibration travelling in a quantum thread network)

Here is a regular thread tension formula...
Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length     
If we plug in c and rearrange we get the one-inch equation for energy and light...

 TL = mc^2

Now we know where gravity, light, energy and time come from  
(and why light travels at c.)
NOTE: T = Tension, inside brackets [T] = Time


The Fabric-of-Space is not solid, liquid, gas nor plasma. It is a dark thread network made from individual yet connected quantum threads. (not the string theory type)

Space has all threads expanded to full length.
Matter has threads balled-up and or wrapped around the nucleus.

The basic quantum thread is approximately one Ångström in length and can be considered 1-D, that's one dimensional (although in reality it must actually have an infinitesimally small width)
Ten of those threads form the basic "particle"... that's 10 threads joined at their centers (or 20 radii emanating from a common center, that's the axis of the dodecahedron - a Platonic solid - the thread unit group can form automatically).

That is the basic Thread Unit Group called a Flux Unit or a TUG.
The threads would be just the grey threads in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron. It looks like a 3-D asterisk with the threads going off equally into every direction.  
Although the thread unit group is only threads in the shape of the dodecahedron axis - it commandeers a spherical volume and can sphere-pack space. That is the basic unit and it is approximately one Ångström in diameter.


"The Standard Model makes very specific predictions of how the Higgs boson interacts with the various particles. The first observations of the Higgs were based on measurements of its decay into other bosons (W, Z, γ). Now, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations show how the Higgs decays directly to fermions such as quarks and leptons, the family of fundamental particles that make up matter." -- press.cern

That means everything is actually made / created from the same stuff and that is absolutely correct and true. Everything is made from quantum threads. (not the string theory type) They just have the model wrong.

They are claiming the Higgs (which is a supposed all encompassing "field" in space) can decay into quarks - and quarks are their version of what matter is made from - so what they are thinking is a mixed-up version of the actual truth. They just have the models wrong.

Creating matter from space? Yes, the basic ratio is four to one. Four units of space can make 2 protons and 2 electrons and that makes an Hydrogen gas molecule - basic matter.
The size ratio is also about the same for hydrogen 4 to 1.
Think of bowling balls. If you place three on the ground in a triangle; you could place one more on top and have a triangular pyramid pack with 4 balls total. If those were units of space and they were converted into one hydrogen gas molecule - the molecule would be about the size of one ball (four units space equals one hydrogen gas molecule)

That means the thread network in space is the equivalent of 25% real matter, but since it is actually just the network that you cannot see, I guess you can call it Dark Matter.

Got it? If you think of all the threads in space that are filling the Universe and convert them into normal matter... you would get a Universe that is filled with 25% matter.

NOTE: When you have a larger atom like plutonium-241 there would be 241 protons and neutrons total with 94 electrons added to total..
So it would take 241 + 94 = 335 units of space to make one atom of Plutonium.

Electron   ~~~~~~

Electrons are full length threads that extend out and form a thread disc shape.
The electron disc is like a bicycle wheel without a rim: 18 spokes and 2 orthogonals - one to proton, one to the fabric of space.
Electrons also form a mesh-type cage (shells) around a nucleus.
An electron has one thread connected to the proton, 18 threads connect to other electrons in same shell and the last one connects to the network in space or other atoms.

That's why 18 is the determinant number in electron shell configuration.
Every electron thread unit has 20 threads.
One thread connects inward and is attached to the proton.
One thread connects outward with the fabric of space (or electrons in next outer shell or other atoms).
The other 18 electron threads form the spherical thread mesh-type cage.

When electrons connect with each other they have 18 threads to play with.
Check the Periodic Table - there are 18 columns.

Proton    ~~~~~~
Neutron    ●~~~

A proton has 18 threads balled-up and two protruding / dangling thread tethers.
A neutron is the same as proton but with 19 thread radii balled up or collapsed.
When a neutron is in the nucleus with a proton - all 20 neutron threads are collapsed (although one of the 20 is collapsed in unison with a proton thread, "There's one for you, nineteen for me")


What is a Neutrino? All 10 threads (20 radii) balled-up - OR - some number of threads greater than zero, less than 10 balled-up.
A free neutrino would look like this
A neutrino has NO protruding NOR dangling threads so it is unaffected by "forces."
A balled-up thread unit group like a neutrino can have any speed. But everything else works at the speed of light. So, although it is not impossible - it is not an easy feat to bump-up the speed of something faster than the machine (Universe) that is propelling it.
Think baseball, a pitcher might be able to throw a baseball at 180 kilometers per hour, but that is absolutely NOT the top speed for a baseball.
NOTICE: If you have a balled-up neutron and one thread unwinds (decays) it becomes a proton. If all the threads of a proton or neutron unwind they can either become an electron if it is connected to the nucleus or it can revert right back into a unit of space. So, matter decays (reverts back into) space - NOT the other way around.
Got That? Everything is made from the exact same thing - the only difference is a change in shape.
Definition: Flux (flʌks) n 2. continuous change; instability

So, Yes - matter can be created from non-empty space, and now you know how it is happening.


A neutrino can expand    into one unit fabric-of-space
The same thing happened everywhere and is still happening everywhere now.
That is why the CMB is smooth.


A neutrino can expand - Quantum Boom - into one unit fabric-of-space
If you magnified a neutrino until it was the size of the dot above the letter "i" (a tittle): the fabric of space unit created by it would be the size of a football stadium. There would be 10 threads joined at their centers - that's 20 radii - forming the dodecahedral axis shape. The 10 threads would be like the finest spider's web filament. Fine enough where 10 threads can ball up into the same size as the dot above the letter "i".

Space is NOT empty. There is an all encompassing lattice-type quantum thread network in otherwise empty space (never been ruled out). It is made from individual yet connected threads.
It is gravitationally-centered - Einstein called it Space-Time. Otherwise known as the Fabric of Space. (yes, the fabric of space must actually be made from something)
A good 2-D model would be something like a spider's web made of the finest web-silk-thread filament. Now imagine a 3-D web.
The fabric of space comes in discrete units. One 3-D web would be like one unit of the fabric of space. One unit is about the same size as an atom.
If you balled-up one unit of fabric of space: you would get one neutrino. Think about how easy it is to collapse and ball-up a spider's web.

The initial conditions of the universe could be either:

● The quantum thread network (fabric of space) is already in place as it is now. That means the neutrinos are expanding and creating more and more fabric of space and adding it to an already existing mesh.
That's why CMB is smooth.

● Or, there might have been nothing but a massive amount of neutrinos zipping around in a literally zero, null, zilch, nada, empty void nichts space. If that is true there would be no gravity, light, heat, time (as we measure it), or anything else until enough neutrinos expand to create enough fabric of space for tension and vibrations to start.
Think of a tennis net. You could pluck one of the net threads and vibrations would travel through the whole net. That would NOT work if there were small pieces and or big chunks missing from the net. You would have to wait until the missing pieces of the net are filled in.
That is the same way neutrinos would fill in an empty universe. Keep filling piece by piece until the threshold density is reached... then Booom! Let there be light (tension and vibrations).
The Universe did NOT begin with a Bang - it was more like a continuously booming whimper.
This would also result in a smooth CMB.


Self-assembly is the only way everything could have formed.
The Universe does NOT have a formation instruction manual to use on itself.
The world is geometric. Based on a threads (not the string theory type) forming the axes of the dodecahedron (it looks like a 3-D asterisk ) and that is based on the golden ratio.

  Automatic shapes happen. It is the way everything happened.
So the point is: threads can form the automatic shapes that then in turn form everything else. If they (the threads) are made from something smaller that automatic formation ability goes pooof right out the window.


Popcorn starts out as kernels. You can fill the bottom of a cooking pot with them - then heat it up - and they will pop and fill the whole pot.
If there were 60 kernels and they popped in one minute that would be a rate of one per second. But, they of course did NOT all pop at the same time.
The same thing is happening with neutrinos.
       /\   \   \   \
      /  \___\___\___\
     /\  /\   \   \   \
    /  \/  \___\___\___\
   /\  /\  /\   \   \   \
  /  \/  \/  \___\___\___\ 
  \  /\  /\  /   /   /   /
   \/  \/  \/___/___/___/  
    \  /\  /   /   /   /
     \/  \/___/___/___/
      \  /   /   /   /

   This model Rubik's Cube
   is made from 27 atomic
   sized smaller cubits

One neutrino can expand into an atom sized unit fabric-of-space.
The neutrinos are just balled-up threads and when they expand they are of course still threads and they only commandeer the size of an atom - it is still mostly empty space.
You could probably fit one quadrillion neutrinos in an atomic volume but, that would be literally solid - so that is NOT the correct amount.

What is the amount? That is unknown.
But if we just say there are 100 neutrinos per atomic volume: we can have a model to work with.

This model Rubik's Cube is made from 27 atomic sized cubits (the individual small cubes).
It represents a 3x3x3 section of space. Space would be the same everywhere else.
Note: Space would actually have a dodecahedral axis pack, but Rubik's Cube is an easier visual.

● If every one of the cubits has 100 neutrinos in it:
● There would be: 27 x 100 = 2,700 neutrinos in the whole cube.
● If one neutrino per cubit pops-off randomly every 15 billion years:
● It would take 15 billion years to fill in the 27 cubits with one unit fabric of space each.

That means to fill-in the whole cube or the universe: it would take 15 billion years.

NOTE: The Pop-off "burst" rate could be just about any amount of time larger than rate 15 billion.
Rate 25 or even rate 100 would work but, rate 15 sounds most likely, i.e. The Goldilocks Rate.

Here is rate 15, continuous Booming:

● Start: Just neutrinos floating around in empty void nichts space. Neutrinos start popping-off. That slowly and steadily creates and fills-in the fabric-of-space. The popcorn filled the pot in one minute. The neutrinos will fill the universe with fabric-of-space in 15 billion years.
● 15 billion years: Fabric of space has filled in - BOOM! - the lights come on (that's tension and vibrations) this point in time is what they would call the start of the universe. There would be light and vibrations but no visible matter yet. This is the beginning of time as we know it.
● 16 billion years: If they are correct about the atomic matter vs. dark energy / dark matter amounts: one billion years might be enough time to pop-off all the material needed for the amount of visible matter. Then the rest of the pop-offs will go into expansion with an increasing expansion rate.
● 30 billion years: Enough fabric of space is created once again to fill in an entire universe but, one billion years worth went into creating visible matter. Now all pop-offs - 14 billion years worth - go into expansion - yes, that would mean an increasing expansion rate. Excessive amounts of "fabric-of-space" get recycled back into neutrinos by black holes. This is now.


Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.


Rinse and Repeat:

● A neutrino expands and creates one thready unit fabric of space.
● The fabric of space itself coagulates into matter: protons, neutrons, electrons.
● Matter gets sucked into black hole and shredded back into threads.
● Threads get "rolled into a ball" by massive twisting turning forces in black hole.
● Completely balled-up threads - neutrinos - unaffected by forces - float away (evaporate) - back into space.

Rolled into a ball? Yes, If you have a piece of just about anything - threads, silly putty, mud, meatballs - you can roll it into ball with your hands. All you need is a circular motion and a little bit of pressure.

QUESTION: Can a Black Hole evaporate?
ANSWER: Yes! I used to think that was wrong and nothing could escape a Black Hole but, I guess Stephen Hawking was correct (It may be a different reason but, that is irrelevant).
All "forces" are the result of different type thread configurations.
A neutrino has no protruding nor dangling thread tethers, so gravity and other forces have no effect on them.
Neutrinos are like a bag of marbles without the bag - nothing to hold them together.

Nothing Spooky, No Ghosts, No Magic.

Everyone always thinks of neutrinos as "ghostly particles" zipping around at high speed.
Neutrinos emitted from a supernova explosion are of course moving at high speed and with a straight path.
But, most neutrinos might actually be somewhat stationary relative to the overall universe. It is everything else that is zipping around.
The Earth is rotating / spinning on axis at high speed and also orbiting at high speed around the Sun.
The Sun is orbiting around the center of the galaxy.
The galaxy is moving through the universe.
So, neutrinos are NOT zipping through us - we are zipping around them through what you could call a "neutrino field" (and our zipping is also happening in a curved orbital path (actually multiple nested corkscrew paths))

QUESTION: Could some neutrinos match the speed of the earth and stay with it?  
ANSWER: No, orbits and most movements in the universe are circular. The neutrinos are NOT affected by gravity nor anything else. So, they have NO way to match a circular path nor any path other than straight.


Everyone has heard of various possible ends of the universe: The Big Crunch, The Big Bounce, The Big Rip, The Big Freeze, False Vacuum, etc.

Here is another - The Big Burst. If you fill the bottom of a pot with popcorn kernels and heat them up - they will just sit for 2 or 3 minutes. Then one or two pop. Then the pop-off rate keeps getting faster and faster - with more and more pops. Until a massive amount go off in a short time - like a burst.

Same thing can happen in the universe. Neutrinos just float around in a completely empty void nichts space. Nothing changes for trillions & trillions of years - even an eternity. Then time is up for them and they must decay (shape change into fabric of space).

The neutrinos are all basically the same and must have all originated at the same time. So, they would all most likely start to decay at close to the same time - that's the same way the popcorn decided to start popping - then completely loses it in the burst.

If all of the excess neutrinos are going to pop-off in a burst sometime in the future: that of course is the end. The neutrinos popping will load a massive amount of vibrational energy into the quantum thread network (fabric of space). Then the thread network will also lose tension because of the massive amount of fabric of space that was added.
All vibrations will slow down to a crawl then stop. It would be like adding more and more sections of string to a guitar string or turning down the tuning knob and releasing tension on the string. The vibrations (note) will slow down more and more until it is so loose and floppy it cannot even vibrate at all.
A good 2-D model would be like a tennis net laying on the ground NOT connected to anything. You cannot even pluck the net because it is loose with NO tension at all.
First Law? Energy? Gravity? Light? Heat? Pooof, gone.  

There will NOT even be time happening (as we know it).


Gravity is an actual mechanical force - thread tension. Like a 3-D tennis net with the threads expanded full length that can pull atoms and or mass together.
The "forces" inside an atom are completely different. There the threads can completely ball-up together - gravity does NOT work like that.


There cannot be quantum gravity.
Although gravity and the other "forces" all work by the same means - threads - the situation and configurations are totally different.

Gravitational Force:

This is an atom representation:   ~~~()~~~
This is a thread network unit (Flux): ~~~╳~~~ It is made from 10 full length threads joined at their centers (or 20 radii emanating from a common center)

Gravity is full length threads pulling atoms together via simple thread tension.


There must be individual yet connected threads pulling something together. The distance can be small - for instance one thread separation - but it cannot be inside of an atom. That is NOT the way it works - gravity is one or more full length threads with tension on them. If stuff gets close enough to touch - other "forces" take over.

Electro-magnetic Force:

Here are two electrons...

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

When electrons are close enough to attach or bond together: there are two full length threads - one from each electron - completely twisted together (but still full length).


The electrons are literally tied to one another, that is much stronger than a simple thread tension pull.

Strong Force:

A free proton: ~~~~~~ (that's one free thread, 18 balled, one free thread)
A free neutron: ●~~~ (19 balled, and one free thread)
A free neutrino:       (20 balled)
A free electron: ~~~~~~ (one free thread, 18 free threads in a disc shape, one free thread)

When one proton thread ~~~~~~
and the neutron thread ●~~~
ball up (knot) together ~~~ that is the strong force.
Add an electron to that package ≈≈≈~~~ and you also get the EM force (package aka deuterium)

neutron / knot / proton / twist / electron / thread


The "knot" is just threads (like everything else) and it is balled-up between the neutron and the proton so you cannot see it. A balled-up knot is much stronger than a twist.
All "forces" have the same mechanism - threads - but they work by totally different means.
Got that? Gravity is an actual mechanical force - thread tension.


If you have a tennis net (2-D lattice-type quantum thread network analogy) it has an overall tension on it. The net threads are being pulled from the extremities (if it were an infinite net the tension pull would be coming from infinity).
If you use a pair of scissors and snip one thread in the middle of the net... vibrations (energy) will travel through the net (remember the tennis net has tension on it).
Every individual section (thread) of the net has tension and can release energy into the net. But you cannot add the individual thread energies together and create a massive sum - because all of the supposed different energies are all one and the same - coming from the net as a whole.
If a guitar string has a tension of 9 . So does every point on the string.


But you cannot add them together. That would be pure stupidity. The same type of thing has unknowingly happened with the vacuum catastrophe. Space is loaded with energy but it is all from the same source and it is all the same energy. If this is not realized - there would be an enormous mistake:   10^120   ...in calculations.


If a few threads of the net were balled-up (pulled together in a clump) then suddenly unballed (decayed). It would send vibrations through the net.
The balled up piece of the net would be considered mass and when it unballs it reverts back to normal net (quantum thread network) and releases energy (vibrations) into the net. The vibrations are the energy. You cannot have vibrations travelling in nothing - thinking that would be pure stupidity.


The graphic is a representation of a 2-D gravitational field (quantum thread network). It would be made of only the XY axis threads attached together (like a tennis net but made from individual threads).
The threads are connected - that creates the network. The network has tension on it so vibrations can easily travel through it on the threads. Any masses ●● in the network will have a higher tension between them and pull together - that's gravity.  
The speed vibrations travel through the thread network is the speed of light "c"


They think there was a Big Bang.
If true: there would absolutely be a center of the universe.
But, they claim there is NO center.

Truth: Universe is infinity, so - actually NO center.
So, they are wrong twice - but it makes "no center" inadvertently correct.

If everything is actually as they say: of course there is a center.
The Big Bang proton "singularity" has a center.
The universe "inflated" to grapefruit size in a nanosecond - a grapefruit has center.
Now the Universe is claimed to diameter: 93 billion light years. That of course has a center.

If the universe has a certain size or variable size that means there is a center.
Note for imbeciles: the "size" doesn't matter. It could be 13 billion, 93 billion, whatever. Anything less than infinity has an exact size and a center.
Got that? They might be wrong about something twice. Unbelievably wrong. But just by dumb luck the result is correct. This might happen a lot but it is NOT so easy to see it sometimes.

[DARK][M] and [DARK][M][L^2]/[T^2]

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

"About 95% of the cosmos cannot be seen by any telescopes, because it is made of mysterious "dark matter" and "dark energy" that do not interact with light" -- BBC Earth

The only way that could be true is if dark matter and dark energy conveyed light. And that is actually true but that is NOT the mainstream consensus (they do not think that).
If something was filling space and it DID NOT convey light: it would be like smoke and you could NOT see through it.

NOTICE: It is also impossible for something to NOT interact with light.

● Stuff can absorb and emit light.
● Reflect light.
● Convey light

If light is traveling towards dark matter...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♣

...It has to absorb, reflect or pass through (convey) it.
There is nothing else. Bouncing off it is reflection.
If it is blocking light: it would not be invisible.
NOTICE: Reflection would also actually be absorption and emission. Light cannot just bounce-off (reflect) from anything without interacting with it.

Most stuff written about mainstream physic is just nonsense.
Can anyone tell me what "non-interaction" would entail? No, you cannot. That is impossible.

The pie chart picture actually infers space is just about solid with a substance since energy would have to be made from something.

..Dark Energy: 73%
..Dark Matter: 23%
Atomic Matter: 4.6%
........Light: 0.005%
....Neutrinos: 0.0034%

Energy is only a vibration on a substance or movement of substance.
What is the substance? Anything other than magic.

Dark Energy and Dark Matter would both have to be made from something.
"Dark Matter" might NOT actually be a known substance but it at least has to be something - it is quantum threads. The clumps around galaxies and other spots are excessive amounts.
There is NO such thing as pure energy. Energy is NOT a thing in itself - "energy" happens on something else, in this case it is the vibrations of tensioned quantum threads.
The vacuum energy of (actually non) empty space is not a vacuum, it is tension on the thread network.  
It also explains Dark Energy... everything is being pulled on (not pushed) equally from every direction (coming from infinity).
If there are two end points (any type of matter, planets or anything) that creates a stronger connection and they pull together - that's gravity.

Energy equals Mass times Speed Squared: E = mv^2

The equation: E = mv^2 was around a long time before Einstein - Émilie du Châtelet in the 1,700's
The speed squared "c" is NOT a constant.
You can pick any speed you like. Einstein picked c.
The speed squared gives the amount of vibrations or movement and that is the energy.
You can have a bunch of guitar strings - all the same mass - but they can also have different tensions.
The different tensions would give them all different energies when plucked.
The mass of the string is absolutely NOT the amount of energy of the string.
The string or thread tension is the determining factor:

Here is a regular thread tension formula...
Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length     
Plug in c, rearrange, get one-inch equation for gravity, light, energy and time...

 TL = mc^2
The thread length L and the mass m are the unchangeable constants.
The variable thread tension T will also vary the speed of light c.


........mass = [M] = kilograms
......length = [L] = meters
........time = [T] = seconds
...frequency = [T^-1] = seconds^-1
.......speed = [L]/[T] ...... = m/s
acceleration = [L]/[T^2] .... = m/s^2
....momentum = [M][L]/[T] ... = kg_m/s
.......force = [M][L]/[T^2] . = kg_m/s^2
......energy = [M][L^2]/[T^2] = kg_m^2/s^2
.......power = [M][L^2]/[T^3] = kg_m^2/s^3

 Dark Matter = [DARK][M]
 Dark Energy = [DARK][M][L^2]/[T^2]

Tension is a Force. Gravity is a Force. A Newton is a Unit of Force.
Velocity is a vector but the dimensions are the same as speed = [L]/[T]
The words like "speed" are only names of what the dimensions on the right are called.
You cannot have anything like pure length, force nor energy. (Pure mass? Yes, that is OK?)

Notice mass [M] is not equal to energy [M][L^2]/[T^2] ...the vibration is missing

Here is what Einstein's (actually Émilie du Châtelet's) famous equation really looks like...

[M][L^2]/[T^2] = [M][L^2]/[T^2]

Energy already is a mass times speed^2. Energy can also be Tension times Length.

If you could just lop-off parts of an equation and claim whatever is left is equal... i.e. "energy equals mass" then you could also say that "power equals mass" and so does momentum and force. It is really stupid to think like that.
Speed is NOT equal to length. Speed is equal to length divided by time.
Energy is NOT equal to mass. Energy is equal to mass times speed squared.

If you hear anyone claim mass and energy are equal or they are interchangeable or they are flip-sides of the same coin: this is what they are actually saying...

[M] = [M][L^2]/[T^2]   <-- wrong   (of course that is wrong)

Question: Can you convert energy into mass?
Answer: No, of course NOT. "Mass" would be a guitar string. If you pluck it: the vibrations are the energy.
Can you covert the guitar string vibrations into a guitar string? No, it already is a guitar string.

READ THIS CAREFULLY: Energy is just a word for vibrating mass (or substance). It's like "RED" - you can have a beautiful redheaded girlfriend, a red ball or a red firetruck - but you cannot have just "red."
Could there be a blob of "red" floating around in outer space? NO! it would have to be made from something.
RED is a word to describe a property of something else.
ENERGY is a word to describe a property of something else.
The term "Pure Energy" came from Spock on Star Trek. That is SciFi.

Dark Threads:

Got it? Dark Energy would have to be made from something. Specifically a vibrating substance - dark threads.
There is NO pure energy even if it is dark.
And if a matter substance is filling space and it is "dark" or invisible that means it is conveying light.

Light is a vibration traveling in a dark thread network


Your eyes detect frequency of vibrations, and that determines the color.
4×10^14 Hz = red light.
8×10^14 Hz = violet light.
You absolutely cannot see the threads themselves, so they are invisible or "dark."

 Dark Matter = [DARK][M]
 Dark Energy = [DARK][M][L^2]/[T^2]

What could this be? Could space be filled with an unseen matter and a vibrating energy substance?
Yes, It is Quantum Thread Theory. Dark Threads. Space is NOT empty. There is an all encompassing lattice-type gravitationally-centered dark thread network in space.


Tension times Length is equal to Energy.

 force = [M][L]/[T^2]     = kg_m/s^2
energy = [M][L^2]/[T^2]   = kg_m^2/s^2

 force = tension          = mass x acceleration
energy = tension x length = mass x speed squared

● The thread network has tension on it, that is a pulling force: Gravity
● The network is vibrating, that is energy, it's unseen: Dark Energy
● The network itself is a substance: Dark Matter.

NOTE: The " T " in the equation... TL = mc^2 ...below is tension and that's a force.
NOTE: The [T]'s inside brackets below are [time]

Here is a regular thread tension formula:
Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length.
If we plug in c and rearrange we get the one-inch equation for gravity, light, energy and time...
 TL = mc^2

tension [M][L]/[T^2] * length [L] = mass [M] * speed c^2 [L^2]/[T^2]

The vibrations travel on the thread particle network as waves
So light is vibrations - waves - traveling on thread particles


Time is the speed things happen in the quantum thread network.
If the thread network tension increases... gravity increases, and so does the speed of light and everything else with it.
That includes any type of measuring device, the speed your brain is working and time itself.
Increase or decrease tension and it changes everything along with it, that's all electro-magnetic phenomena, vibrations... everything.
It's like being a character in a movie and you don't know the speed the projector is running... fast, slow, stop, start? You don't know.

● "Universal Time" is like a guy running a movie projector. He can tell exactly how fast the movie is running and the movie has no affect on him.
Universal Time is completely independent from everything and anything.
Universal Time would be happening in literally empty void nichts space - completely null, naught, vacuous.
Neutrinos floating around in space before the fanric-of-space was created are in universal time.
The neutrinos floating around now are unaffected by fanric-of-space and also still in universal time.

● "Thread Network Time" would be people in the movie. They can't tell what speed the movie is running because they are actually in the movie - they are made from movie film.
Space has the thread network in it (that is what Einstein calls spacetime). The speed of light is the speed of vibrations traversing the thread network, and of course it is the speed everything works - including people and all matter.
Thread network time is an emergent property directly related to the speed of thread vibrations.

Got it? Empty space is completely empty, but there is something in it so, it is NOT empty.
That explains the famous claim: "Empty space is NOT empty"

The Flow of Time:

Gravity is the main reason time can only flow in one direction.
Gravity is caused by a lattice-type thread network, and network tension can only pull things together.
That cannot work in reverse. A couple other things related to that are also happening
We are immersed in quantum thread network time - that is like a movie.  
The speed of "time" for us changes relative to thread tension: TL = mc^2
Universal time - is the guy running the projector - it is completely unaffected by anything.


Heat is the amount of vibrations traveling through the thread network.
The Sun is unbelievably hot - why don't the protons, neutrons and electrons melt from the intense heat?
Heat is only the amount of vibrations happening at any given moment. The basic substance everything is made from is inert threads and they have NO temperature.

An easy analogy is a guitar string:
● If it were vibrating quickly the vibrations would be measured as heat.
● If there were no vibrations it would be measured as absolute zero.
The string itself did not change temperature and has no temperature.

A quantum truck-load of non-vibrating guitar strings would be like The Bose-Einstein condensate - they would not be vibrating so the temperature would be measured as (close to) absolute zero but the lump of strings is NOT frozen solid - the strings have no temperature - you could pour the strings out of the truck if you wanted to.
Heat is an emergent property directly related to the amount of thread vibrations.

Everything works via vibrations. "Time" is the speed of the vibrations.
Something like "heat" is the amount of the vibrations.  
Could you have a heat traveller? No, that is stooopid, but time works the same way.
You cannot have a "Time Traveller"


If something is bending or curving or warping or gravitationally microlensing light - it means light is a physical part of it.
Waves can only travel in a medium - that includes light.
PG says cosmological red-shift can stretch Space-Time and thereby stretch photons in transit. If that is correct it would mean photons are traveling in space-time - as a part of it - and space-time is a medium. Something can only affect something else if it is in direct contact or it is a part of it.
The spiders web and moth are a good example. A moth can only be pulled apart by a stretching web if it is stuck in the web.
If a moth is doing a fly-by the web has no effect on it.
So, space-time must actually be something and there is a huge amount of it.

Got That? You cannot curve light in nothing. Magic is NOT real.

The reason light always travels at "c" the speed of light is: there is a medium filling space.
Michelson-Morley created an experiment to detect if the Earth is rushing through the medium. The experiment was null - so the Earth is NOT rushing though it.
Then, just recently, they created Gravity Probe B - to detect if the medium is being dragged - and they found out... yes, it is being dragged!
Einstein called the medium "Space-Time."
It is responsible for gravity, the conveyance of light and a few other things. That's why the speed of light, gravity and the speed of gravitational waves are the same speed - the speed of light.

● Light travels at speed of light c
● Gravitational waves travel at c

Notice exact same speed.
Must have something in common.

● Gravitational waves travel in space time.  
● Light is a massless particle or wave or both at the same time (they are not sure) and travels in nothing?
No, they goofed. Think about it for a year or two.


Intense gravity would NOT happen all of a sudden.
Understand? You cannot travel from normal space to an intense gravitational "field" in a short distance.
Your head cannot have a massively different amount of gravitational pull than your feet.


Stuff that is unbelievably compressed cannot all of a sudden expand nor inflate. It would just be a huge inert blob.
Or, if the compression results in a supposed pinpoint singularity: that is even more unbelievable / unrealistic. It is NOT counterintuitive - it is just wrong.
Energy is vibrations, and if something is compressed to supposedly beyond literally solid - it cannot vibrate.
Black holes are also a massive amount of completely compressed stuff. They are supposedly in the center of every galaxy. If they could explode or expand or inflate: we would have seen it by now. There is a complete historical record of the entire Universe going back billions and billions of years available in the night sky.
Also, atoms are mostly empty space. If you took the Earth and converted / crushed it into a neutron star (just neutrons and protons) it would be about the size of a football field.
Are the neutrons solid? I don't know - but they say an Earth's worth of Black Hole density (that would be crushed even smaller) would be the size of a golf-ball - I would have to call that literally solid. That's as far as it goes. Matter cannot be crushed down to a point, there would have to be a limit.

● Normal matter = Earth
● Earth as a neutron star = football field size
● Earth as black hole material = golfball sized = literally solid

Earth would be literally solid at golf ball size and no more compression possible. Understand? You cannot crush something that is literally solid.

● Something like a sponge is compressible because: the molecular structure is configured in a way to enable it.
● An atom can be crushed because: it is mostly empty space.
● The basic fundamental substance of the universe - in this case threads - must be solid. It cannot even be stretchy. If the threads were stretchy - everything made from them would also be stretchy - as if it were made from rubber bands.

Also, gravity is the weakest of the forces, correct?
The strong force is much stronger but it is not collapsing the protons and neutrons in a nucleus. It just holds them together tightly. Got it?
If the strong force cannot collapse matter, how is gravity going to?  

Think about it for 20 years if you have to.
End of story.


QUESTION: Can you teleport people or even one particle?
ANSWER: No, "Particles" are impossible, everything is made from threads.
QUESTION: Can you teleport threads from place to place?
ANSWER: No, there is NOT anyway to make threads disappear and then reappear somewhere else. That would be magic.
Zoom in on an atom with your mind. Everything is made from threads - including the atoms and the teleportation device.
One thread cannot make another thread do anything other than completely normal stuff - like vibrate.  
Making something disappear is pure magic. And magic is NOT allowed.
Nothing spooky, no ghosts, no magic.


Gravity is not the weak force you might think it is. You are only realizing a small part of the picture.
The Earth is of course pulling you down but space itself is also pulling you.
The Earth has a stronger pull (more connections) so it wins the tug-of-war.

There is an all encompassing lattice-type tensioned quantum thread network (not the string theory type) in space (and everywhere). It is responsible for gravity. Any masses introduced into the network create an higher tension - that's what is thought of as gravity - but there is more to it.
The network is made from individual yet connected quantum threads and conforms to whatever shape it is surrounding. So light traveling through a curved thread network (like the Earth or Sun) will of course curve.
Is gravity curving the thread network? No! The thread network itself is what creates gravity (gravity is thread network tension).
Does this invalidate any of Einstein's equations? Of course not, it is just another way to look at it. Einstein has field equations and this is the field (thread network).

The threads are connected - that creates a thread network. The thread network has tension on it so vibrations can easily travel through it on the threads (That's what light is).
Everything is connected by the network and it moves along with largest mass in proximity.


Any masses in the thread network will of course have / develop more connections and pull together.
NOTE: The mass(es) ●● in this scenario / instance would be balled up XY axis (plus +++ sign) threads. Everything is the same construct.

The network threads will go off in every direction but of course two masses in proximity will have a stronger tension between them than the network thread tension coming from infinity.
The overall Dark-Energy-Like network tension pulls equally on everything - let's call that force 100.
The two masses immersed in the thread network have a slightly higher tension between them (it's actually just more connections created by the network threads being balled up into matter) and that is all that is needed to pull them together - let's call the tension force between the masses 109.


If you measured the force between the two masses you would get number 9 as a result - NOT 109.

Force pulling together: + 109
...Force pulling apart: - 100
......Result 109 - 100: =   9

The overall force tension of 100 would be subtracted (you would not even know it is there)

NOTE: if you were directly in the middle of the masses you would of course be weightless and float. But that does not mean the tension or gravitational force was cancelled - it is just equal pull on both sides. That's the main point - no matter where you are - you are always being pulled on from at least two or more directions.

A scientist fish living deep in the Marianas Trench would not know he is under extreme pressure and would not be able to measure it. He would only be able to measure changes or differences in pressure. Something similar must be true regardless of the theory (i.e. curved-space, gravitons, etc.).
And you cannot measure forces without the measuring devises becoming part of the measurement.
Notice the thread network tension 100 would be everywhere - completely filling space and pulling on everything. Although it is the same thread network as gravity its force is in opposite direction - that's the same effect as supposed Dark Energy. It is an expansive force but nothing is being expanded. Stuff can only pulll together.


Higgs, quarks, gluons, any type of "particles" are impossible.
They supposedly interact with each other.
That means they are symbiotic - it's NOT a normal 2-way symbiosis - it's an 18-way.
If "particle" model is correct: it's an actual Miracle from God.
QUESTION: Does that mean "particle model" proves God?
ANSWER: Nope, you are unbelievably wrong.

adjective BIOLOGY
● involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association.
"the fungi form symbiotic associations with the roots of plant species"
● denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.
"the reader can have a symbiotic relationship with the writer"

p.s. Quarks must be "tracking" the positions of moving "electrons" and also keeping them at a certain distance just like a Star Trek tractor beam by exchanging (shooting) photons at them.

QUESTION: How is that possible?
ANSWER: It isn't.
QUESTION: But aren't electrons a probability density cloud?
ANSWER: That just makes it even more ridiculous. That would mean the quarks are tracking probability.
● And don't forget: the quarks must also be tracking the position of other quarks and shooting gluons at them.
● And don't forget: the same quarks that are tracking their neighboring quarks inside same proton or neutron must also be tracking the position of other quarks in other protons and neutrons and shooting gluons at them.

a proton U~D~U   (Up Down Up (quarks))
are also connected to:
a neutron D~U~D  (Down Up Down (mnemonic: neutron is a dud))
by strong force: U~D~U~~D~U~D

QUESTION: How is that possible?
ANSWER: It isn't. If you make a list of everything they say is happening - OR - everything known for sure is happening in an atom: i.e. electrons held and tracked in different orbits and at different distances, nuclei held together, emission / abortion spectrum, bonding, store and release energy, etc. The particle model is completely incapable of achieving it.

NOTE: One of the proton U~D~U quarks (probably the "D") is also the one that is shooting photons at electrons because it is a one-to-one ratio, one proton has one "D" quark and it shoots at and tracks one electron - but - the two neutron "D" quarks are NOT? They are just duds? Why?
There isn't anyway to make the model work and that is ok because that is what happens when something is completely and unbelievably wrong.
All of the quarks supposedly shoot gluons at each other but it turns into even more of a nightmare when you try to explain how some of them must also be shooting at the other protons / neutron in a nucleus.

"Stuff" - and that includes everything - can only be made from quantum threads.
You can expand them into quantum spiders web (but in 3-D )
You can ball them up into matter.
And with tension: they can vibrate as energy. TL = mc^2

Everything is made from only one thing - quantum thread. There are only different configurations.

Also, stuff cannot be trapped nor held in place unless there is an actual physical mechanism doing the trapping.
The "force carrier" is the worst thing. A pulling "force" cannot travel on a particle - by itself - through empty space. That is NOT going to happen.
No matter how much everyone want to believe it - things CANNOT work by magic.
Nothing spooky, no ghosts, no magic.

Argument Two:

Dmitri Mendeleev (creator of the Periodic Table) hated the idea that atoms have substructure.

Of course the NO substructure idea was rejected, but it is actually correct - there is just a different level where the substructure must end.
Everything is made from threads and they can easily form protons, neutrons and electrons. But that is as deep as it goes.
NOTE: Of course there are things you could call protons, neutrons and eletrons, but they are all made from thread. There has to be a basic substance or thing that everything is made from and it has to be right at that level depth.

Irrefutable logic --> A quark is either one solid thing or assemblage of smaller things.
● If solid: it would NOT be able to do things they say.
● If assembled: the process would NOT be able to end - smaller pieces would also have to be an assemblage.
Quark (or any particle) model cannot be correct.

if a quark is not a basic thing - that process would NOT be able to end.
And it would keep getting more and more complex with more and more "particles."

● 1 Proton
● 3 Quarks
● 9 Elfs
● 27 Dusters
● 81 Exceteras

The assemblage process immediately turns into an impossible nightmare.


So, now you do NOT have to worry about being called "gullible" because you believe:

● Everything was initially schmooshed into proton size.
● More and more "space" is being magically created.
● The universe has NO center.  

Those things are true.


At this point in time they are debating whether or not space is empty? But the magnetic compass has been around for thousands of years.

With a simple compass you can easily verify:
● There is something filling supposed empty space.
● Whatever is filling space is also lining-up
● Whatever is lining-up also has a direction.

Can General or Special Relativity explain something in space is lining-up and having a direction? Of course not.
String theory with tiny vibration strings can also absolutely NOT explain it.
The supposed Higgs Field does NOT explain it.
There is nothing in the Standard Model that can explain it.
Loop Quantum Gravity? Quantum Mechanics? Nope, nothing explains it.

NOTE: you might get Mr. Simple that claims it is vectors in the EMF (field) but that is just infuriating because a "vector" is just another word for a direction - and the reason for space having a direction is what is NOT explained. (Richard Feynman would tear you a new one)
They also think a "field" is just math - like a set of numbers - nothing of actual substance. And the numbers only represent places in space - nothing is actually there. So, that offers no explanation whatsoever.

Got that?
If someone asks you what a "magnetic field" is...
your answer cannot be: left, right, 5, 6, 7.

"Lining-up" Analogy: If you threw a bunch of ping-pong balls into a box container they would pack the bottom. They would actually line-up.
Lining-up is easy.
And if you threw a pencil into the box with the ping-pong balls the pencil would also be forced to line-up along one of the troughs made by the ping-pong balls. But there is absolutely NO direction involved. The lining up would be just random - for this scenario it is one of six ways.

Having a direction is the monumental thing - space itself can force something physical into a specific direction.
Got That? The directional line-up would be like putting the pencil in the box and the ping-pong balls somehow mechanically move the pencil so it points north. And if you rotate the whole box the ping-pong balls will change the direction of the pencil again - to point north

Think about it: A simple compass completely wipes every known theory right off the map. But it proves there must be a substance in space and it can line-up somehow. Is that even possible? Yes, it is easy, it's Quantum Thread Theory. QTT explains everything...


Space is NOT empty. There is an all encompassing lattice-type quantum thread network in otherwise empty space. It is gravitationally-centered - Einstein called it Space-Time. Otherwise known as the Fabric of Space. (yes, the fabric of space must actually be made from something)
A good 2-D model would be something like a spiders web made of the finest web-silk-thread filament. Now imagine a 3-D web.
It is made from individual yet connected quantum threads and of course the web has tension on it (that's where gravity gets its pull). The speed vibrations travel through the web is the speed of light (light is a just a vibration travelling in a quantum thread network)

NOTE: T = Tension, inside brackets [T] = Time
Here is a regular thread tension formula...
Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length     
If we plug in c and rearrange we get the one-inch equation for energy and light...

 TL = mc^2

Now we know where gravity, light, energy and time come from and why light travels at c.
Tesla was correct...
"There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment." – Nikola Tesla

Mnemonic memory device...
E for Einstein: E = mc^2
TL for Tesla:  TL = mc^2

NOTE: The one-inch equation: TL = mc^2   and threads explain: gravity, light, energy, time, atoms, heat, bond angles, isotopes, gravitational waves, matter, mass, dark energy, dark matter, uncertainty, dimensions, double-slit, vacuum fluctuations, vacuum catastrophe, the four forces, curved space, entanglement, gravitational lensing, electron shell configuration, periodic table 18 columns, protons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos, fringe patterns, bose–einstein condensate, ball lightning, emergence, binding energy, alpha beta gamma radiation, atomic structures, absorption emission spectrum, induced fields, interference, photo electric effect, polarization of light, wave / particle duality, zeeman effect, zero-point energy, superstrings 10 dimensions, magnets / compass needle, etc.

Question: How is it possible that something can explain all those things?
Answer: It is easy to explain everything with the correct theory of everything.

Got it? An Eensy-weensy spider could make an huge web out of almost nothing.
The web itself would be the tensioned fabric-of-space, the construct of gravity, dark matter.
The vibrations of the web are energy and light. The speed the vibrations traverse the web is the speed of "web" (light).
The amount of actual substance needed to make the web is minuscule. If the web were balled-up it would be a dot and that is regular matter.
Ratio-wise: A small amount of regular matter (that's balled-up web threads) is equal to a huge amount of dark matter (web) and dark energy (web vibration).
So, Yes - there is medium and now you know how it is working.

P.S. Remember: Energy can also be TL = Tension times Length.
Here is a regular thread tension formula...
Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length.
If we plug in c and rearrange we get the one-inch equation...
 TL = mc^2

tension [M][L]/[T^2] * length [L] = mass [M] * speed c^2 [L^2]/[T^2]



[3] Quantum Thread Theory & Why the Speed of Light is "C"
  Authors: Seamus McCelt
  Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The thread unit group (TUG) would be just the grey threads in picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
The TUG is source of gravity (and everything else).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough where 10 threads (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.

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