READ THIS FIRST ---> one inch equation: TL = mc^2

Quantum Thread Theory
by James Cranwell

Everything in the Universe is made from one type of thread.
All workings of the Universe are result from said thread.

The thread unit itself would be just the grey threads (or strings) in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread (or string) length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough where 10 threads (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.
Reconciliation of Relativity (gravity) and Quantum Mechanics

"The current understanding of gravity is based on Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which is formulated within the framework of classical physics. On the other hand, the other three fundamental forces of physics are described within the framework of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, radically different formalisms for describing physical phenomena.[2] It is sometimes argued that a quantum mechanical description of gravity is necessary on the grounds that one cannot consistently couple a classical system to a quantum one.[3][4]:11–12 " -- Wiki


There cannot be quantum gravity.
Although gravity and the other "forces" all work by the same means - threads - the situation and configurations are totally different.

Gravitational Force:

This is an atom representation:   ~~~(●)~~~
This is a thread network unit (Flux): ~~~╳~~~ It is made from 10 full length threads joined at their centers (or 20 radii emanating from a common center)

Gravity is full length threads pulling atoms together via simple thread tension.


There must be individual yet connected threads pulling something together. The distance can be small - for instance one thread separation - but it cannot be inside of an atom. That is NOT the way it works - gravity is one or more full length threads with tension on them. If stuff gets close enough to touch - other "forces" take over.

Electro-magnetic Force:

Here are two electrons...

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

When electrons are close enough to attach or bond together: there are two full length threads - one from each electron - completely twisted together (but still full length).


The electrons are literally tied to one another, that is much stronger than a simple thread tension pull.

Strong Force:

A free proton would look like this ~~~●~~~ (that's one free thread, 18 balled, one free thread)
A free neutron would look like this ●~~~ (19 balled, and one free thread)
A free neutrino would look like this       (20 balled)
A free electron would look like this ~~~~~~ (one free thread, 18 free threads in a disc shape, one free thread)

When one proton thread ~~~●~~~
and the neutron thread ●~~~
ball up (knot) together ●●~~~ that is the strong force.
Add an electron to that package ●●≈≈≈~~~ and you also get the EM force (package aka deuterium)

neutron / knot / proton / twist / electron / thread


The "knot" is just threads (like everything else) and it is balled-up between the neutron and the proton so you cannot see it. A balled-up knot is much stronger than a twist.

All "forces" have the same mechanism - threads - but they work by totally different means.

Neutron    ●~~~

A neutron is the same as proton but with 19 thread radii balled up or collapsed. And when it is in the nucleus all 20 are collapsed (although one of the 20 is collapsed in unison with a proton thread, "There's one for you, nineteen for me")


What is a Neutrino? All 10 threads (20 radii) balled-up - OR - some number of threads greater than zero, less than 10 balled-up.
A free neutrino would look like this
A neutrino has NO protruding NOR dangling threads so it is unaffected by "forces."
A balled-up thread unit group like a neutrino can have any speed. But everything else works at the speed of light. So, although it is not impossible - it is not an easy feat to bump-up the speed of something faster than the machine (Universe) that is propelling it.
Think baseball, a pitcher might be able to throw a baseball at 180 kilometers per hour, but that is absolutely NOT the top speed for a baseball.


Got that? Gravity is an actual mechanical force - thread tension. Like a 3-D tennis net with the threads expanded full length that can pull atoms and or mass together.
The "forces" inside an atom are completely different. There the threads can completely ball-up together - gravity does NOT work like that.


Space is NOT empty. There is an all encompassing lattice-type quantum thread network (not the string theory type) in otherwise empty space (and everywhere).
The network is made from individual yet connected threads and conforms to whatever shape it is surrounding (never been ruled out).
So, light traveling through a curved thread network (like the Earth or Moon) will of course curve.
Is gravity curving the thread network? No! The thread network itself is what creates gravity (gravity is network tension).
Does this invalidate any of Einstein's equations? Of course not, it is just another way to look at it. Einstein has field equations and this is the field (thread network).

Regardless of the theory - gravity must be or have some kind of a mechanism. The mechanism must actually be something. Whatever that something is - it must be filling space.

The thread network is gravity centered - Einstein called it Space-Time. Otherwise known as the Fabric of Space. (yes, the fabric of space must actually be made from something)
A good 2-D model would be something like a spiders web made of the finest web-silk-thread filament. Now imagine a 3-D web.
It is made from individual yet connected quantum threads and of course the web has tension on it (that's where gravity gets its pull). The speed vibrations travel through the web is the speed of light (light is a just a vibration travelling in a quantum thread network)

Here is a regular thread tension formula...

Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length

If we plug in c and rearrange we get the one-inch formula for energy, gravity, light, time, forces, fabric of space, dark energy, dark matter, etc....

TL = mc^2

If the tension goes up... gravity goes up, and so does the speed of light and everything else with it.
That includes any type of measuring device, the speed your brain is working and time itself.
Increase or decrease tension and it changes everything along with it, that's all electro-magnetic phenomena, vibrations... everything.
It's like being a character in a movie and you don't know the speed the projector is running... fast, slow, stop, start... you don't know.

Now we know where energy comes from and why light travels at c.

Tesla was correct...
"There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment." – Nikola Tesla

Mnemonic memory device...
E for Einstein: E = mc^2
TL for Tesla: TL = mc^2

● "Matter" is just balled-up / clumped up parts of the same thread network.
● What they call "Dark Matter" is completely filling space - it's the thread network itself. The clumps around galaxies and other spots are excessive amounts.
● Dark Energy is tension on the network as a whole. Everything is being pulled on equally.
● Any masses in the system create a higher tension pull between them - that's gravity

Electrons form a thread mesh-type cage around the nucleus. Electrons actually are something but everyone mistakenly thinks the vibration travelling around the thread is the electron - that's what has caused all the confusion.
The electron is conveying vibrations but the material it is made from (quantum threads) are NOT moving..
EXAMPLE: Think guitar string - the string itself would be the electron but everyone thinks the vibration or note is the electron. That is why there is all kinds of probability and uncertainty - the vibration is traveling around a spherical quantum thread mesh cage - where exactly is the vibration? No way to know for sure.

Got that?

NOTE: Heisenberg would be OK with this principle.
● The electron (thread) has exact position.
● The vibration position is of course uncertain.
So, yes, if you find the vibration position at any given moment - you found different spots on the same thread - the electron.
i.e. it doesn't matter where you touch a vibrating guitar string - you found the string (electron).


If you have a tennis net (2-D lattice-type thread network analogy) it has an overall tension on it. The net threads are being pulled from the extremities (if it were an infinite net the tension pull would be coming from infinity).
If you use a pair of scissors and snip one thread in the middle of the net... vibrations (energy) will travel through the net (remember the tennis net has tension on it).
Every individual section (thread) of the net has tension and can release energy into the net. But you cannot add the individual thread energies together and create a massive sum - because all of the supposed different energies are all one and the same - coming from the net as a whole.
If a guitar string has a tension of 9 . So does every point on the string.


But you cannot add them together. That would be pure stupidity. The same type of thing has unknowingly happened with the vacuum catastrophe. Space is loaded with energy but it is all from the same source and it is all the same energy. If this is not realized - there would be an enormous mistake:   10^120 calculations.


If a few threads of the net were balled-up (pulled together in a clump) then suddenly unballed (decayed). It would send vibrations through the net.
The balled up piece of the net would be considered mass and when it unballs it reverts back to normal net (thread network) and releases energy (vibrations) into the net. The vibrations are the energy. You cannot have vibrations travelling in nothing - thinking that would be pure stupidity.

The graphic is a representation of a 2-D gravitational field (thread network). It would be made of only the XY axis threads attached together (like a tennis net but made from individual threads).
The threads are connected - that creates the network. The network has tension on it so vibrations can easily travel through it on the threads. Any masses ●● in the network will have a higher tension between them and pull together - that's gravity.
The speed vibrations travel through the thread network is the speed of light "c"


The reason light always travels at "c" the speed of light is: there is a medium filling space.
Michelson-Morley created an experiment to detect if the Earth is rushing through the medium. The experiment was null - so the Earth is NOT rushing though it.
Then, just recently, they created Gravity Probe B - to detect if the medium is being dragged - and they found out... yes, it is being dragged!
Einstein called the medium "Space-Time."
It is responsible for gravity, the conveyance of light and a few other things. That's why the speed of light, gravity and the speed of gravitational waves are the same speed - the speed of light.

● Light travels at speed of light c
● Gravitational waves travel at c

Notice exact same speed.
Must have something in common.

● Gravitational waves travel in space time.
● Light is a massless particle or wave or both at the same time (they are not sure) and travels in nothing?
No, they goofed. Think about for a year or two.

Measured Gravitational Force is Excess Network Tension

The threads are connected - that creates a thread network. The thread network has tension on it so vibrations can easily travel through it on the threads (That's what light is).
Everything is connected by the thread network and it moves along with largest mass in proximity.

Any masses in the thread network will of course have / develop more connections and pull together.
NOTE: The mass(es) ●● in this scenario / instance would be balled up XY axis (plus +++ sign) threads. Everything is the same construct.

The thread network threads will go off in every direction but of course two masses in proximity will have a stronger tension between them than the thread network line thread tension coming from infinity.
The overall Dark-Energy-Like network tension pulls equally on everything - let's call that force 100.
The two masses immersed in the thread network have a slightly higher tension between them (it's actually just more connections created by the network threads being balled up into matter) and that is all that is needed to pull them together - let's call the tension force between the masses 109.


If you measured the force between the two masses you would get number 9 as a result - NOT 109.
Force pulling together = 109, Force pulling apart = 100, Result 109 - 100 = 9
The overall force tension of 100 would be subtracted (you would not even know it is there)

NOTE: if you were directly in the middle of the masses you would of course be weightless and float. But that does not mean the tension or gravitational force was canceled - it is just equal pull on both sides. That's the main point - no matter where you are you are always being pulled on from at least two or more directions.

A scientist fish living deep in the Marianas Trench would not know he is under extreme pressure and would not be able to measure it. He would only be able to measure changes or differences in pressure. Something similar must be true regardless of the theory (i.e. curved-space, gravitons, etc.).
And you cannot measure forces without the measuring devises becoming part of the measurement.

Notice the thread network tension 100 would be everywhere - completely filling space and pulling on everything. Although it is the same thread network as gravity - its force is in opposite direction - that's the same effect as supposed Dark Energy. It is an expansive force but nothing is being expanded. Stuff can only pull together.


Cosmic lensing happens because there is an all encompassing lattice-type thread network in space.
The network is gravitationally centered - physically curved around mass or galaxies as a whole, etc.

If something is bending or curving or warping or gravitationally microlensing light - it means light is a physical part of it.
Waves can only travel in a medium - that includes light.
PG says cosmological red-shift can stretch Space-Time and thereby stretch photons in transit. If that is correct it would mean photons are traveling in space-time - as a part of it - and space-time is a medium. Something can only affect something else if it is in direct contact or it is a part of it.
The spiders web and moth are a good example. A moth can only be pulled apart by a stretching web if it is stuck in the web.
If a moth is doing a fly-by the web has no effect on it.


So, No, you cannot have a quantum gravity. Although gravity and the other "forces" all work by the same means - threads - the situation and configurations are totally different.
Here is a regular thread tension formula...
Tension = velocity squared x mass / Length.
If we plug c in and rearrange we get the one-inch formula: TL = mc^2

Question: How is it possible that something can explain all those things?
Answer: It is easy to explain everything with the correct theory of everything.


[3] Quantum Thread Theory & Why the Speed of Light is "C"
  Authors: Seamus McCelt
  Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The threads unit itself would be just the grey threads in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough where 10 threads (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.

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