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Flux Particle Theory
by James Cranwell

Everything in the Universe is made from one type of thread.
All workings of the Universe are result from said thread.

The particle itself would be just the grey threads (or strings) in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread (or string) length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough where 10 threads (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.


They used to think light needed a medium to propagate. That is actually correct. The only mistake they made was thinking the medium was fixed in space and the Earth must be rushing through it (that is what they call an erroneous constraint).

The medium is actually a lattice-type string particle field.

The field from the Sun encompasses the solar system (plus more) and the field moves with the Sun.
The Sun (and solar system field) are also moving at high orbital speed around the galactic centre.
If you had to pick a fixed position for a supposed stationary field (or medium), that would be a better choice... but not the best because the Milky Way Galaxy is also moving through the Universe.
Claiming a fixed field would be relative solely to the Earth's orbit is not only wrong in more ways than one... it is complete baboonery.

The Earth has of course the same field but smaller and it is inside the Suns field.
The Earths field is moving with the Earth. You have a field surrounding you.

MM tested for a Stationary Ether... They thought the Earth was rushing through it at an enormous speed... how could that work if you are inside a closed building or underground in a cave?

Does Ether rush through the walls of your house
or do sections get cut off and stay in place?
It does not matter... neither of those work.

Do little sections of the stationary field (that the Earth is supposedly rushing through) get cut off and remain in place behind closed doors? That would mean the field is being dragged. So it is not stationary.

Anybody understand this?

The only way for a stationary Ether to work is if it could penetrate all matter. But then that would mean the light that is using this stationary field would also penetrate everything. Get it? If that were the case you would not be able to see matter because light would go right through it.
1) If light could pass through things completely unfettered... everything would be completely invisible.
2) If light can pass right through something but you could still tell that something was there it would look like glass or clear ice.

GP-B just tested for Space-Time... Yes... It is there. What is space-time? it is this same particle field of strings explained in this theory.

Is the field it creates curved? Yes, but only because the mass it surrounds is spherical. You can think of it like an atmosphere. Any light passing through a curved field will of course obviously curve (gravitational lensing) or deflect.

The field is responsible for the conveyance of light, electromagnetism, gravity, dark energy, mass and everything else.
Everything is made from the same thing, the string particles.
The particles and the fields they create are all there is, it is everything.


Everything has to be directly (physically) connected.

1) Energy cannot be out on its own... there is no such this as "pure energy."
Energy is a vibration on a particle or movement of particles.
Think of a guitar string. If you pluck it... it will move and vibrate and that is the energy...
Could you convert the vibrations or movement into mass?
No, and if you take away the string you won't even have a way to make vibrations or movement.

Is there pure energy? Just energy? ...Nope.

2) A force has to be (made out of) something. i.e. a particle.
You can push or pull particles with other particles... you cannot push or pull particles with nothing.

3) Particles have to be directly (physically) connected to other particles or they won't be able do anything (except magic).

Think about a magnet and iron filings... the magnet can move and actually hold the filings in place.
That could not happen unless there was a continuous connection of particles.


Look what happens if there is a break in the field (the particles)...

MAGNET~~~~~~   ~~~~~~IRON

Would that still work?

A magnetic field is a field.
A field is made out of particles.
If there is a break in the particle field that means there is absolutely nothing where the break is.
Nothing is Nothing. (Something nonexistent is not something, it is nonexistent)

4) Everything has to happen (or form) automatically but it cannot be by magic.
The Universe did not come with an instruction manual. Anything that happens, forms, changes, etc. has to happen all on its own.  

5) What Einstein calls "Space-Time" has to be made out of something. And something has to be particles (it can't be nothing.)

Anything (field, foam?) that fills space will also have to convey light (and a host of other things).
If something fills space and you can see it... that would mean you would not see anything, it would be like being immersed in a pool of dark muddy water. When you open your eyes you can't see anything... the muddy water is right up against your eyes.
p.s. foam will not work.

6) Think about it... stuff at the most basic level (proton, electron, quark, etc.) cannot be spheres, sphere-like or zero-point Ø-D.
Spheres can only spin, remain at rest, or travel in a straight line... no vibrations, and vibrations are everything.
And how is a sphere going to be held in place?
If anything is not actually held together it will just fly apart.
Anything "spinning" is completely out of the question... it would require axles and universal joints.
Nothing could be held together by particles exchanging or "shooting" other particles at each other... that's ridiculous non-sense.

7) A basic force cannot be a large scale group process, like friction or glue.
Glue for instance is a large molecule. When you think in terms of the very small you can't use things like that.
It could not be the most basic particle construct.
Basic things have to operate automatically with a very basic process.
You cannot explain the basic working of something and use something that only works as a large scale group of things.
Do you catch my drift? If things were held together by glue (at a quantum level) you are not at the smallest level and you would also have to explain how quantum glue works.... and you can't have glue or stickiness at that basic level (very small size). And above all else... a basic force would be the action of (most likely) just one particle.


Both of those (particle) fields are only an effect that originates from the same thing... the actual particle field the encompasses space made of strings.
The electric and magnetic particle field (they originate from the same thing) are just vibrations or a shape change in the real (flux) particle field.
An easy 2-D example is the highly stretched tennis net made of the finest spiders web.

If you were on one side of the net and plucked a string, the vibration would travel along string to the other side of the net. That vibration would set off perpendicular vibrations (and in the real field a shape change if strong enough) up and down in its travels.

If you ask... "wouldn't the whole net just vibrate?" ...Yes, of course it would but using another example of an actual spiders web...
If the spider is sitting directly in the middle of his web and something (a bug) lands in his web... he knows the exact direction and placement of the bug.
This is because the spider and the bug have now actually set up endpoints for a more powerful string vibration... there is a mass on both ends of the web string. And of course whatever string had the initial pluck would have the most powerful vibration.
Remember this is a linear one string example, in a real field the vibration would expand away spherically. But there is of course always endpoints, every atom with protons / neutrons is an endpoint.

The field also has lattice type properties so it can fold-up or curve around objects.
If it folds in one particular direction that means there would be a lot of string connections in parallel with the fold (that would make it a lot stronger in whatever direction that might be.)

Think about how easy it is to fold up a tennis net. Even if there was a person on every one of the 4 corners tensioning the net... an increased diagonal pull from opposite corners would easily change the direction of all strings in the net, actually almost lining them up.

"Spooky action at a distance?" that's when two endpoints set up their own string connection.


[3] Flux Particle Theory & Why the Speed of Light is "C"
  Authors: Seamus McCelt
  Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The particle itself would be just the grey threads in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread (or string) length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough where 10 threads (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.

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